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    β€œThe best way to get comfortable and get started with BBA-A is to reach out directly to our President J. Hardy Brown. In that first call MR. Brown can gather information about your project and you will be able to better understand how Mr. Brown looks at projects and what he is like to work with."

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    7 Things You Need To Realize About Your Commercial Building Project


    In every project there comes a moment in which there seems to be an insurmountable problem that arises, and the way across appears to be blocked, some obstacle – be it cash, zoning, collaboration and support from lenders – it is at that moment you have to be ready to stand and part that sea.

    8 Things To Know About Hiring An Architect For Your Project


    Architecture is like medicine or law – you want someone who spends most of their time working on commercial issues. Just as heart surgery requires a heart doctor, commercial architecture requires a commercial architect.

    7 Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Great Building Committee


    More than anything else you need a group that holds the ministry of the church and values the leadership in place. They need to understand how things work around the church and the more involved they are, the better of a fit they tend to be.

    J. Hardy Brown Bio

    When the first assignments were returned in mechanical drafting class in seventh grade Hardy Brown was shocked to see that he received a C- on this first-ever mechanical drawing. He had been looking forward to that class since he turned nine and decided that being an architect like his grandfather and his dad would probably be even cooler than being a fireman.