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    Church Architecture Firm

    BBA-A – Texas Church Architect recognizes that as times change the church must change and adapt with it. Some trends affecting Church architecture currently are:

    1. The move from fewer larger services to more service times and smaller services
    2. The move from large single campuses to more smaller satilite campuses
    3. The move from isolation to connection amoungst capuses
    4. Increase in material pricing
    5. Decrease in available land.

    We help churches to craft facilities that enable them to do ministry more efficiently in these changing times. We are in our third generation of helping churches so we understand the forces that are affecting the design and function of modern churches or all types.  team is well-versed in innovative contemporary concepts in modern church architecture. We understand that too much debt will sap the energy from a congregation so we work hard to ensure that our designs give as much flexibility and function as possible.

    For decades, we have been a leading Church Architecture Firm, serving different clients’ needs as they grow and as they consolidate as well.  We understand how significant your church space is to your ministry. Our architect will evaluate your unique calling and purpose and develop the interior and exterior of your church within your budget, staying true to your values and mission. BBA-A serves as a guide through every phase of a project. We believe one size does not fit all and that is why we tailor every project specifically to your unique circumstances and needs.

    The team at BBA-A is creative and will bring in innovative fresh ideas and approaches. The architects here are trained and experienced in leading the programming, planning, and design process that is necessary for a great project.  We work through the issues of functionality and aesthetics to deliver high-end work. We have catered to many church architecture firm projects in and around the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. Search Church Architects Near Me and find Brown, Brown & Associates Architects within your easy reach. Connect with us for your next project!