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    Mr. J Hardy Brown is a commercial Architect McKinney Texas with full services and over 70 years of experience in commercial architecture in Texas. Many of our clients begin by searching for a Texas designer to help them with their initial design layouts and budgeting.

    One example of this type of work would be David Bell. David contacted looking for a good Texas Designer to examine some possible office warehouse layouts for a project in the Dallas area. As a Dallas Texas Architecture Firm, BBA-A was able to quickly understand the site constraints and walk David through a series of possible design layouts that even included purchasing adjoining lots. Because of the investigation David was able to make sound business decisions and speak with lenders before moving forward on the Project. Often we will conduct a feasibility study to see if a project makes sence.

    Another recent client was looking to build a Photography studio in McKinney Texas. The client already had concept drawings and they were just looking for a Dallas Texas Architecture firm to move them into Building Permit drawings as quickly as possible. Mr. Brown and his team were able to move this small commercial architecture project quickly to prepare it for city of McKinney permitting. These documents are often referred to as blueprints but the industry refers to them more correctly as architectural construction drawings.


    The firm is also working with a small children’s ministry in Dallas Texas. This client was looking for a good Texas Architect and Builder who could take the project from start to completion. Although BBA-A does not offer Construction services directly they were able to bring in an experienced builder to partner with the firms Commercial architecture for a great success.

    Over the years BBA-A has always had a strong resume as a Texas Church Architect. It is always good to look for a church architect near me so that the leadership can have easy access to the expertise the firm brings. At Atonement Lutheran Church in Plano Mr. Brown first developed a Master Plan for the church which is something many Church Architecture firms do not have the expertise to do. The firm then completed Construction Documents for the first phase.

    A classic example of BBA-A acting as a modern church architect can be seen at the old Lewisville Home Depot garden center that BBA-A converted to a modern sanctuary and church facility. This project was challenging because garden centers are not constructed to the same standards as typical buildings. But a thorough set of Building permit drawings were able to clearly communicate to the general contractor the steps required to make the building a great success.

    When searching for a church Architect or a commercial architect or even an Office Architect we encourage our clients to search for church architect near me so that your professionals are close enough to really serve. Often owners attempt to hire architects who are out of the area but the results are often added cost and less satisfaction.

    Another recent Commercial project in Lewisville was for a client who is a commercial builder of Texas. This couple was developing a set of 12 small commercial office buildings. The firm was assigned to match the existing offices while expressing the unique character of this office. The design was successful and the Dallas General Contractors were very happy they had chosen an experienced office building architect like

    One unique challenge that Commercial Architects Dallas encounter is the city has an extensive green ordinance. This Green Building ordinance mandates green design practices and green construction practices so that energy is saved in construction and even more importantly after completion.

    BBA-A is a McKinney commercial Architects that can handle all of your needs. They can help you with simple issues like Building permit drawings are more complex issues of designing for maximum efficiency. is just one of several Architects McKinney Texas you can choose from. We are excited to schedule a call to discuss your project.