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    Onto Orthopedics

    Master Plan

    Onto Orthopedics

    3920 Alma

    Plano, Texas


    Dr. Hayden is a talented Orthopedic Surgeon in Plano. He and his son Dallas contacted us to help design the renovation of an older brick building they were purchasing on Alma Road. The building was a confusing maze of small corridors and deferred maintenance issues. The plan was for Onto to occupy approximately 40% of the building and sublease the rest to single office professionals. We knew that good interior circulation would be paramount to these professionals being able to schedule appointments and see guests. We devised a layout that connected the two entries visually so that a single receptionist could manage both and no matter where you came in you were looking right at her.  From there we worked hard to maximize the efficiency of the layout for Dr. Hayden and his patients. We looked carefully at how to minimize the number of steps needed for patients because all of his patients are dealing with fractures and many are recovering from surgery. We also brought in our friends at Cinemation Design to work with us on custom furniture and features to really set this office apart and make the visitor experience a great one.