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    First United Methodist
    Church – Plano

    Master Plan / Relocation

    Atonement Lutheran reached out to BBA-A for Master Planning a relocation to 28 new acres. The plan allows for a larger sanctuary should it ever be needed. The facility is done in a white split phace block in Gothic detail which looks great in the green grasses and blue skies of Texas. The design utilizes a large round gathering space instead of the traditional Narthex and Fellowship Hall to double utilize space and save a great deal of money. This space is been very functional and allows the church to have a abundantly sized gathering space outside sanctuary.


    The sanctuary utilizes tall stained-glass windows and clerestory lighting that creates a brilliant light quality in the space. The complex also has a private school and numerous classrooms as well as the gymnasium multipurpose space, chapel and a freestanding shop for the legendary Yardbirds of the church.



    First United Methodist Church
    3160 E Spring Creek Parkway
    Plano TX. 75074