Custer Road United Methodist Church – Youth Hang Out

BBA-A has been blessed to work with Custer Road United Methodist Church over 10 phases, three generations of Brown, and 30 years. The most recent of our phases with Custer Road was the simple creation of a youth hang out space space where there was no space. It was to be located at the intersection of two hallways by removing one classroom. The nine phases prior had stuck with the design rules of a white column red brick colonial design inside and out. But this phase the church leadership wanted to push the envelope and create very youthful, playful space. Proof of the success of the space has been in its almost constant use by the church as all ages have tended to congregate in this relaxing space and enjoy its youthful qualities.

Several phases after the creation of the 1600s the main sanctuary in one phase after installing an organ cost over million dollars this phase although small is certainly one of our favorites.


Custer Road United Methodist Church
6601 Custer Road
Plano TX. 75023