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    First Impression Spaces in Your Church Building Interior Design is the Hook

    When remodeling a church or designing for a new structure, we have to work very hard on the first impression of visitors. Church growth is strongly affected by the perceptions of those that visit for the first time. Every member must be a first-time guest and if the facility is not successful in these first impressions it will limit the growth of the congregation. Of course, this begins with a web presence but the on-sight experience begins with the drive-by appeal. Obviously, no one, since people driving by your church building or walking in the doors for the first time, create perceptions subconsciously about your church community on behalf of what they see. The first thing the building will subconsciously communicate is whether guests are truly welcome. The orientation of the entry and the use of open transparent materials will be critical in communicating a true welcome.

    Once inside every inch of your church building makes a difference. It makes an impression on the worshipers. But some areas are more important than others. A poorly located poorly lit nursery can be an immediate barrio for mothers feeling comfortable leaving their infants and toddlers. If this occurs they will likely not stay or never come back. The Lobby is also a critical space. Is it welcoming? Comfortable? Do the acoustics allow for conversation? Every individual entering into the church will be impacted by this space over long periods of time.

    A designer that is highly experienced in church design will be able to make these critical spaces come alive and work for both members and guests.

    Finding a competent highly experienced Church Architect can be a daunting task. Many people will begin a search for ‘Church Architecture Near me’ or Church Architects near me. Both of those searches will help Google know you value experienced church Architects that are local and close to you. This is very important. BBA-A (Brown, Brown & Associates Architects) helps its clients determine what they need, what they can afford, and how best to accomplish those needs. Often BBA-A will lead the Church through a Master Planning process so that several phases can be laid out in advance so that as the church grows the phases make for a beautiful coherent whole. The experience of our amazing team matters a lot in bringing an extraordinary touch to your church designs. We provide council and leadership at every phase of the process to take the stress of off you and help you focus on the real questions. So hopefully you will be rewarded for just entering a very specific search to find a good Church Architect near you. Hopefully, you have found us!