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Church Design
Dallas-Fort Worth

902 Wayside Way
Richardson, TX 75080
Ph 972.235.8379
Cell 214.403.2063
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Church Altar Interior

Church Architect Dallas-Fort Worth

Founded in 1946 by John Hall Brown, Sr., Brown, Brown & Associates - Architects quickly gained repute for its work in church construction for new buildings or revitalization projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Carried on by John Hall Brown, Jr., the company is now owned by the founder's grandson - third generation church architect J. Hardy Brown. 

Church Design Dallas-Fort Worth

Bringing an unwavering dedication to working with churches, our church design experience helps us ask good questions and minimizes the amount of time you will spend trying to be heard. We hear you and we can get to the core of your ministry quickly because of our specialilzed experience. The result is a ministry driven church design that enhances what you do best and makes possible what you need to accomplish.

Our stability gives us the motivation to aim long term.
Our experience gives us the ability to hit the mark.

J. Hardy Brown, Jr., is the lead designer for every venture; he will provide direct execution or oversight regarding every aspect of your church design project.

We only accept about three to five proposals per year so that we can fully focus on you and your church design needs. We only work locally as church architects in Dallas-Fort Worth, so our name is only as good as our last job. Every church design assignment we take on is critical.

We do not merely manage the work, we meet with you and directly execute the tasks, from start to finish – our team is your team – PERIOD.

Church Architect Dallas-Fort Worth

Brown Brown & Associates – Architects
902 Wayside Way
Richardson TX 75080
Ph 972.235.8379
Cell 214.403.2063

Profile: Dallas Church Design Firm, Church Architect Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas church design construction firm founded in 1946. Third generation church architect Dallas-Fort Worth. Church building design/renovation/remodeling/additions.

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902 Wayside Way · Richardson, TX 75080 · Ph 972.235.8379 · Cell 214.403.2063